Radio Stuff. Still posting comments about Country music but Music 1's taken over my working life now. As time allows, I'll be posting thoughts and ideas from my archives

The New Country Tradition – My New Format

My hand-tooled Country music formatting and scheduling service is now available for broadcast stations in the U. S.

Working with The Talent Farm syndication service, I provide my personally curated hour-by-hour music schedule to subscribing stations. The daily playlist is delivered directly into the station’s playout/automation using the services of Syncronicity. The full library is supplied in .wav format. New playlist adds are immediately downloaded to the station’s automation/playout system.

Radio managers, program directors and decision-makers can hear the actual music flow on a private, linked page. Send your request to Steve at this address:

Contact me directly for more info. Phone: 512.392.2415

Drop the WWW, Please

Advertising copywriters, Please. The ten syllables in your ad copy are no longer relevant. “da bul you, da bul you, da bul you dot” …is pointless now. we don’t have to type it in to get anywhere anymore. Like for this site. No need to type, just gets you here. And program directorsContinue Reading

The Importance of the DJ

Found in my archives, a short memo I posted in the control room in the summer of ’80.: Folks, A recent RadioIndex survey7 show the DJ is ver important to a listener’s enjoyment of his/her station. Well over half – 66.5% – said so. The jock is particularly important to 12-17 year old boys, 18-24Continue Reading

The Power Of Sound

The Moyes Research company has produced the best promote-radio spot I’ve ever heard. This is brilliant copywriting and perfect presentation. Hear it here.:

Seven Songs

At any time, each listener has seven favorite new songs. Everything else in the library is just part of the landscape. Seven that s/he can name if asked the question: Can you name all of your favorite new songs? Seven is the most of any product that can be named according to the original “positioning”Continue Reading

Boston Tests New Music & Flunks Out (1972)

Going through my archives, I found this clipped from Rolling Stone in January of ’72. Written by the excellent reporter Timothy Crouse, this article was one of the seminal influences on my thinking about radio programming, music selection and also what a frustrating and capricious career I was involved in. I never met John GarabedianContinue Reading

How Many Commercials Are Too Many ?

Four in a single cluster is one too many. Now this is ancient research data on the subject, talking 1980’s, but I see no reason to believe the findings would have changed. The study has respondents listening to an hour of radio and later being questioned about the commercial content. One of the areas ofContinue Reading

Announcer Notes – May/June ’82

Disc jockeys have the mistaken impression that they are only in the entertainment business. They are also in the Information business. They move ideas from one place to another. Commercials are ideas. A song is essentially an idea. DJ success on the air has as much to do with how they are saying something asContinue Reading

Music Radio Is Like Farming. Music Radio Is Like Boat Building.

Programming a music radio station is like farming. You have to plant new seeds, nurture and grow them. For us, those seeds are the new records and promotions we play. Proper management of the commercials is akin to proper land management. We must regularly work the garden, turning the soil, weeding and rotating the crops.Continue Reading

Radio Without Ratings

Here’s an interesting article from the local paper in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Arbitron was out of the market for about a dozen years, no subscribers there. Now ARB has been swallowed up by Nielsen and the ratings are back in the city. The writer details how radio advertising has been sold without ‘numbers’. OneContinue Reading