Radio Stuff. Still posting comments about Country music but Music 1's taken over my working life now. As time allows, I'll be posting thoughts and ideas from my archives

Radio Without Ratings

Here’s an interesting article from the local paper in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Arbitron was out of the market for about a dozen years, no subscribers there. Now ARB has been swallowed up by Nielsen and the ratings are back in the city. The writer details how radio advertising has been sold without ‘numbers’. One of the guys quoted is Don Jacobs. I was consultant to his Country stations back in the 90s. He’s one of the smartest radio men I’ve ever met. He’s been managing radio stations in Sioux Falls for at least thirty years.

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Radio Pros: See This

This is the best thought-starter, the most useful think-piece about radio that I’ve seen in many years. If you are a radio pro, or want to be one, you should spend eight minutes watching this one : Share on Facebook

Country = The 80s & 90s Retread

As we moved into the 80s, we got some really smooth sounds on the radio. Grooves from Michael and the influence. Disco but not exactly. I’ve been listening to the new Jake Owen radio single “If He Ain’t Gonna Love You” and I’m thinking of Hall & Oates. And comes Thomas Rhett with “Star ofContinue Reading

Pop Music Radio Formatting

I got a question from the other side of the world; a club DJ who is now charged with being the program director of a music station in a developing country that’s never had a western style CHR/Pop/Top 40 formatted station before. FYI, here’s the email I responded with….a quick blue print of the basicContinue Reading

Radio Contesting

Some company named NuVooDoo Media did a survey about radio contesting. With an in-tab of 3500, it’s a sizable sample and should have good reliability. The take-way was over a third said they’d not go to a station to get a prize worth under a hundred bucks if they won. That’s nothing particularly new, anyContinue Reading

Music Scheduling Software Fails

What’s Wrong With Music Scheduling Software? Consider this: At the end of the 70’s, radio’s top program directors had developed rotation systems that ensured songs in each category got equal play; that Currents didn’t schedule in the same quarter-hour day after day; that all Oldies got play in all the dayparts, that ‘this’ type ofContinue Reading

Music 1, PlayoutONE and Classic Rock

From One Of Our Music 1 Users: Hey Steve … just thought I’d drop you a line and tell you that I took your advice and checked out PlayoutOne – loved it – and purchased it. It is great to be able to use Music 1 with it for the scheduling. I am broadcasting aContinue Reading

Slacker Gets Disc Jockeys

Today’s (6.24.16) news brief from the RAIN newsletter has an article about what’s called “the discovery wars”. That’s the competition between Spotify, Slacker, SoundCloud, Pandora, as they try to hook more listening. The biggest draw for listening is new music. Quoting Edison research, over 50% of the population is interested in “keeping up to date”Continue Reading

Music 1 – The Most Efficient Tool In The Box

Being the old radio vet that I am, I still remember those articles that would appear about every 18 months or so in Radio & Records Magazine. One of the format columnists would do a survey with their reporting stations with questions about their choice and use of music scheduling software. The stand-out question forContinue Reading

Radio: What’s Missing

A couple of years ago, I read an article by Sean Ross and teed-off on it. I don’t remember if I ever even sent it to him. Today I came across the rather long ramble that I’d put to paper back then. Skimmed through it and decided to share it here. ———- 11.27.14 I readContinue Reading