Southern boys, even us with progressive political positions, are still all pretty much entranced with all things related to The Lost Cause, so it’s genetically impossible for me not to be moved by a song about a secesh soldier getting ready to attack a Union force that outnumbers his troop five to one. That predisposition aside, I’d still be recommending this remarkable record for airplay. There’s nothing like it on the air anywhere. It’s Bluegrass, but not stone-cold, hard twang Bluegrass. It’s a soldier explaining his situation in his love letter, maybe the last one he’ll ever write to his wife, children and parents. And it is entrancing. With “Lincoln” opening this weekend and looking to be the-one-to-see over the holidays, the Civil War moves to the forefront of our popular culture once again. There’ll be shows and documentaries on TLC and the History Channel; articles in magazines all over. So this fits neatly into the present flow of the stream. Long term, no, it’s not our typical playlist hit and I’ll be surprised if it gets anywhere near even the Top 30 on the airplay chart, though that would please me to see. But it is a most unique treat for the ears and well worth the airtime we devote to it.