ADD: Are You Sure This Is Where You Wanna Be – Kacey Musgraves and Willie (Mercury)

Wow, am I glad I tracked the album released this week. At the end, after the last song there is about thirty seconds of silence and then (and without any credit nor mention in the press material) in comes another song. It starts out with a long instrumental riff, a kind of Hawaiian-ish thing. Very interesting. Then Kacey starts singing and after a few lines in comes Willie Nelson. Now we all know Willie’s recorded duets with everyone, including God Himself. Many of them are good, some are rather lame. This one is just wonderful. It’s a song Willie wrote in the 60’s and I don’t recall ever hearing it before. A google shows it was featured, a Willie original was, in an episode of the tv series “Lost”. Now how come this is so good, what makes it better than the average ol’ Willie duet? I think it could be a symbiotic, native-tribe type thing. See, Kacey was birthed in a little bitty East Texas name Alba. Willie drew his first breath in a stamp-sized East Texas town named Abbott. Willie has written some classic Country songs. If Kacey hasn’t written a classic or two already, she will before long. Now, about the song: We’ve had all of these how-happy-i-am-gettin’-drunk songs in the past couple of years. What’s missing, what used to be there in the mix of song lyrics traditionally, are the laments, the feeling-sorry-for-drinking songs. Used to be a lot of those on Country radio because that’s what real life is. Someone drinking hard is regularly questioning him/herself, why still be doing this? This is a special piece of music. Willie and her together are just great Country crooning.