ADD – Biscuits-Kacey Musgraves (Mercury)

I can’t tell you how great this song is, you’ve gotta get into it yourself. It took me three listens. First one, I liked it but a song with the words biscuits and gravy? Don’t know how to predict its appeal to them folks out there. And “He Haw” imagery has been anathema since, like, forever. But, I now remind myself that “He Haw” went off the network nearly a quarter century ago, so shouldn’t be much of a factor. That’s me strategythink there. On third listen it really hit me. These lady songwriters, my goodness. Kacey and Miranda and Sunny and Angeleena and Ashley and Brandy. These women are all making my days and weeks. They’re writing insightful, modern songs that are much akin to the kind of songs that brought in the first great wave of mainstream popularity in the 50’s and early 60’s. Intelligent, unpretentious honesty was in the lyrics of the great ones back then, they were packaged with sticky hooks. And here it all is again, a warm wave gently rising. They are all writing some truly great stuff. This song is honesty with an infectious sing-along hook, playful and wry. It is a spot-on perfect expression of the American ideal to just be left the hell alone. Kacey and Brandy wrote this prize winner with help from old salt Shane McAnally.