ADD: Gonna – Blake Shelton (Warner Brothers)

Given what’s been going on in the cultural frenzy (and this is a good one, ain’t it?!), whatever he chose to release just now was gonna be instantly added everywhere. To our great good fortune, the boy gives us this one. It’s cool and confident and laid-back and comfortable. The record is an ideal presentation of a modern Country courtin’ song. you kids know what courtin’ is? how ’bout sparkin’? Nevermind. The record’s got a hook, it’s got several of them, actually. Sure, it was probably planned well before the shit hit the fan in his personal life, but still, serendipity timing pops this one out so it can be used as background for a lot of multi-media tv blurbs and such. The casual viewer will hear a good song there and maybe go looking for a Country station to try out and we get us some new cume. ‘Least that’s that’s what’s supposed to happen in my Pollyanna daydream. Could happen. I am pleased to hear this record.