ADD: Heart’s Desire – Kip Moore (MCA)

I was tracking the new album and thinking, crap, this sucks. The guy is so good, has so much promise and here he is opening with another ode to Southern boy braggadocio; the first cut is “Wild Ones” and you’ve already heard it. Luke did it, Rhett did it, Fla/GA did it, Aldean did it. They all just had different tunes, but it’s the same damned song. The second track is interesting, but doesn’t have a hook to hum. Track 3, same deal. The next four were mildly interesting on the first exposure; there might be a hit among them. Then comes Track 8: “Heart’s Desire”, a beautiful piece of work. Mid-tempo with a beat that’s easy to move to. The lyrics are cool. The production is super and the arrangement is innovative and distinctive. I backed up and played it for myself four more times. This’ll have to be a radio single sometime in the future. If I was programming your radio station, I’d add it now and crow about being the only station in town or anywhere else playing this song right now. This here’s a hit record, I do believe.