ADD: Hung Me On The Line – Callie Twisselman (Sugar Cube Records)

This record is so old-fashioned it’s new and fresh and wowie. It’s really well staged; opens up with a few stums on an acoustic guitar, a couple’a quick swipes on the fiddle, then a Johnny Cash shuffle-beat kicks in and it starts to groove. She opens her mouth and, what? what is that outta Dolly Parton’s gene pool? I listen more and she reminds of Dolly only on the high notes. Most of it she sounds like a confident young woman makin’ a statement. She knows that once you know the simple phrases and rhymes, you won’t be able to resist singing along with it whenever it spins. This is an exceptionally hummable hook and it is BlueGrassy, which is a big positive. We need some of that spice more often than we ever seem to get it. The record comes in at 3:09. It’s perfect.