ADD: If I Was Over You – Amanda Watkins w/Jamey Johnson (in2une)

I’m not plugged into Nashville anymore, not like the 80s and 90s when I was one of the radio players and kept up on everybody in the biz, so I don’t know who the guys are who are behind this new label “in2une Nashville”, but they got my attention real quick. Unless my weed’s stronger than I think it is and the synapses ain’t crackin’ as they should, this is one of their two first releases, the other being new guy Matt Gary with the killer record “It’s On You” that I put into the mix last week. Now that record is totally, completely, absolutely different from Amanda’s in every way. Gary’s is near-disco. It is still weird to me that something like it could actually fit into a Country mix. Amanda’s record is stone cold, hard core, Traditional honest-to-god Country. And there’s Jamey Johnson singing on it, a full-blown duet. I’m talkin’ about records by George and Tammy here. And Conway and Loretta. BUTTTttttt, it do not in any way sound hokey hay-seed. This is a blue-collar power ballad. Wonderful in every way.