ADD: It’s On You – Matt Gary (in2une Nashville)

I liked it good the first roll thru. Second spin the record had me in it’s grip. Killer intro; I’m a sucker for those. Bass drum, bass guitar thumpin’ quickly. The guy’s voice is vibrant and his style reminds me of several of the lead singers in some of the top Hair Bands of the 80s. No, of course not, this couldn’t be called a Country record in a normal, natural world. But evolution, baby. Our people like a lot of rock, problem is: so very many artists who attempt to get on the Country playlists with such records tend to go overboard, get tilted two damned far to the left. Vocals get blasted, you can’t understand the words, rock guitar saturates and scream. This one don’t do that shit. The rock guitar lick isn’t obnoxious in the bridge. We can understand all the words. He sings ’em well. It’s got a hook; a couple of ’em, actually.