ADD: Mind Reader – Dustin Lynch (Broken Bow Records)

The boys are beginning to say romantic things nicely once again in Country songs once again, or is it just me thinking they’ve been in a bit of remission for the past too-long? Another thing is the elegant smoothness that is weaving it’s way into the arrangements and productions of hit songs like this now. When a song like this is a hit, one with this type of lyric, it can go on for a long time in Gold and Oldies rotations because when someone hears it for the first time, maybe ten years after it was on the Current playlists in radio, it still may speak to them on a personal level. Like, when you’re getting deeper into a relationship, when you’re beginning to click, one or the other of you is gonna say these very words: Baby, you’re a mind reader.

I like the arrangement and production, even as it gets right up to the line of too-much in a couple of places. The record could’ve benefited without quite so much clutter. Still, I believe we got a hit here.