ADD: My Mistake-Cam (Arista/Nashville)

Seems she got it going with a Kickstarter campaign, moved to Nashville from California and things started clicking pretty quickly. The full name is Camaron Ochs. The first single here is an attention-grabber from the opening twenty seconds of engineered solo vocal to the end. Yes, this is a single that is highly processed with a lot of electronic tricks but the aural decorations don’t seem to over-power it. In great part, it’s because they don’t ever obscure her voice. One of the defining elements of Country music records is: You Can Understand All The Words. I’ve been diggin’ on the Rolling Stones for fifty years now and I don’t know the full lyrics to more than about four of their songs. And that’s ok. That’s Rock n’ Roll. ‘Supposed to be that way. You fill in the blanks and imagine what you will, it’s part of the experience and attraction. But Country is for adults (mostly, anyway) and adults seek clarity. If someone is confessing something to us, like Cam is here, we don’t want it to be vague. Tell us about it, Hon, and be clear and straight. In this song, she’s moving into a one-night stand. It’s a mistake, but she’s going into it knowing full well what to expect, what the outcome will be and she’s going to do it anyway. This the testimony of a woman who’s been to this rodeo before. It’s a mistake, she know it, but she’s a grown-up and she can dang well pick her mistakes as she chooses to. It sounded like a hit to me from the first twenty seconds.