ADD: That Old Flame – Don Henley w/Martina McBride (Capitol)

Just in, just out, it’s a killer record. The song’s got a pulsating, driving beat and when the classic voice kicks it, it’s like my ears began salivating. Henley is more than a bit of an asshole; with some very good reasons some will say, granted that. But that voice, man what piece of work it is. It is in the DNA of everyone who was of age in the 70s and since. I heard “Lyin’ Eyes”coming out of the supermarket speakers in Spokane Washington two weeks ago. And “Hotel California” playing from somewhere at a farmer’s market in Colorado Springs a week later.

Steven Tyler trying now to ‘go Country’ cause, like, he’s always loved it, is laughable. A Henley record pushed at Country radio programmers makes all the sense in the world. I was recommending, playing and, I think, benefiting from a couple of cuts from the last Eagles album that I recommended for Edge rotation after it came out. Henley’s voice.

This is a good, fine record. Both new and familiar at once, and that’s a very good thing to have in a music mix.