ADD: Tracks from BRONCO, the first Canaan Smith Album (Mercury)

i started tracking the thing and i’m not impressed. first track, Good Kinda Bad is as derivative as that title is. Second track, Stompin’ Grounds, is one more in along line of odes to small town growin’ up. third track is the first single, Love You Like That, has turned out to be a hit. not a monster, but worthy of twenty plus weeks in Current rotation. Track four, Hole In A Bottle, about…. you guess ….gettin’ drunk on friday night, that’s what. and boy do we ever not need another one’a them monkeys. but then, hell, this one could be a hit. it’s got a groove. feels much like David Lee Murphy’s Dust On The Bottle from ’95. (twenty freakin’ years ago?! sheesh.)

so you see i’m four songs in and i’m not impressed. then came cut five

Stuck this one sounds strong. it’s about that one night of passion, that one moment that blew his mind and it’s over, been over a long time. his mind is stuck, stuck right there, back then. that night. you been there, have you? plenty have and this record drives home that mental derangement as well as any i remember.

One Of Those. cut six is a sexy bad-boy come on, him saying he’s got faults, sure, but he’s never gonna let her go, he’s dependable, she can count on him. here’s a lady pleasing song. it’s got a groove and a hook and he’s saying all the right things. this is a hit record.

Love At First is track eight. built on a cool grove and a chanted lyric that reminded me a bit of Michael Jackson hook-lyrics from his 80-85 period. no kidding, i could hear this as a Jackson song. it sure ain’t daddy’s Country, but is sure is good.

There are four other songs, but these three are the players.