ADD: When Your Lips Are So Close – Gord Bamford (TTA Music)

Canadian Country boy is he. I’ve heard a few of his songs in recent months, him and that guy in Southern California who sings ‘real’ Country with unadorned arrangements and who’s also getting some notations in the chatter press. What’s his name? Outlaw or something. ah, tangent, sorry. Back to Gord: He’s a man, sounds like. Good thing to have around with all these college boy Country around the neighborhood now with their obnoxious wanna-be-rapper silliness. Gord lets us know what a man who has to shave every day sounds like. This is not old-fashioned Country, but it’s gotta be called Traditional now, I guess. This is the kind of sound that pulled me into Country in the 80s; guys like Earl Thomas Conley and Don Williams. Men’s singers, who also sang simple honest lyrics like this that made women’s knees get a little weak.