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Album: Billy Currington/Enjoy Yourself

September 18th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Puttering around the office this Saturday morning, I was accompanied by the new collection from Mr Currington and it is a pleasure.  He doesn’t do hard-core Country, but then his music wouldn’t be played on A/C stations.  Well, there’s a lot here that I’d  play if I were still working in that format.  Billy’s music isn’t twangy, but it is mostly good-natured and about as comfortable as can be.  I’m coming to like his look, too.  He’s looked a bit goofy to me in the past, but now when I see him he strikes me as the kind of guy who’d make a good buddy, tellin’ jokes and being a dependable friend.  And if you’re female, he’s kinda hunky lookin’, I guess.

The new album’s already got a #1 hit on it and in the ten tracks there are at least three more solid sounding singles.  “All Day Long”, the lead track most certainly will be a single. Very radio-friendly, it’s a good-natured “love you, let’s have fun” song.  “Love Done Gone” reminds me very much of some Pop song from the early 70s.  Can’t quite place it, but the familiarity of it is very pleasing to my ears.  The most FUN on the album is cut 5:  “Like My Dog”, as in: love me like my dog.  The song was written by Harley Allen and Scotty Emerick, a couple of masters.  Here’s why he sings he wants her to love him like his dog does.  He doesn’t get mad and throw a fit when I say his sister’s a bitch.  When he wants to go out, it don’t cost nothin.  He never says he wishes I made more money.  He never says he’s sick of this house. He doesn’t play dead when I want to pet him. I backed it up and listened about six times, chucking all the more.  Bad Day Of Fishin’ … beats a good day of anything else. Smooth, amusing and comfortable as old jeans.  The title track’ll be a single, too, I suspect.  It’s got a kind of calypso-Buffet-South-of-the-border kind of beat.  He delivers in a kind of George Strait-ish manner that fits well.

I tracked the album three times this morning.  Replayed several individual songs multiple times.  This one’s worth the price of admission.

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