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Album cut: Toby Keith-Get Out of My Car

October 13th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, it was time to finish tracking the new album this morning.  I’d gotten about halfway thru it when it came in last week and so far it was ok.  Heard a couple more that might make radio singles.  In A Couple Of Days is about trying to get over the shock of a sudden break-up.  He might know how he’s feelin’ in a couple of days.  I like this quite a lot. Th song that follows it on the CD is: Think About You All Of The Time and is a perfect follow-thru because in this one he’s got a new gal and he doesn’t miss his former too much but thinks about her…you know.  It’s bouncy and hooky and also sounds like it could chart.  Drive It On Home is a truck drivin’ song with the rapid-pulse beat of the old CCR tune “Travelin’ Band”. Interesting.

But then, I come to the last track on the album and 75 seconds into it, I’m belly laughing. This is crude and oh so human.  It’s 3am.  She drank all his beer, the whiskey’s gone.  They’ve danced, they’ve kissed. They’re sittin’ there in the car and he tells her it’s decision time, either put on your shoes or pull down your pants.  What would it hurt to take off that shirt?  We’ve come this far so get outta your clothes or get outta my car.  Lewd and crude and funny.  Now you’d think this is just too  vulgar for mixed-company consumption, that women would be offended.  But have you ever watched “Two & a Half Men” ?  The show’s still Top 10 in first-run episodes and it’s the #1 syndicated sit-com. Charlie Sheen is the highest paid actor in all of television and all his character does is say shit like this..and women love it.  I don’t think broadcast radio will play this song, the programmers at the trade reporting stations are such clueless wienies.  But Country fans are gonna tell everyone they know about it, I betcha.  The title is:  Get Out Of My Car.

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