All American Middle Class White Boy-Thomas Rhett (LP Cut)(Valory)

Since I can’t bring myself to play his new single in anyplace but the locker room or fishing camp, and since the kid is clearly a talent who’s a crowd pleaser, this here is The One. It’s a totally original way of identifying with the social group. He identifies himself as a stone-Country male without actually saying it is so many words. He grew up in the ‘burbs like dang near all our listeners actually did. Not only don’t live on no red dirt road, he hadda’ go ten miles just to get into the mud. Ain’t a poor boy, ain’t a rich boy, but is right there in the middle. He lived in a little town, then a big town. Played ball, not all the great, but was sufficiently manly about it when he did. This is a party record without bein’ about a party. It’s a flag wavin’ record without any specific statement about it. He says all this stuff concisely in less than three minutes. It kicks in with a heavy beat and don’t let up. This here is a masterful piece of work; strong hook, big fun.