Baggage Claim-Miranda Lambert (Columbia)

This here’s very good, only problem is it ain’t quite so good as the Pistol Annies, yet it’ll probably keep the Annies single from getting anywhere near as much national airplay as it deserves ’cause Country programmers think there’s some kinda papal edict saying you can’t play more than one record by any artist at any time ‘er else you lose your testosterone levels or something. (it’s just the opposite, of course, but they’ll never believe that.) I’m taking nothing away from this very solid single, don’t get me wrong. It’ll be Top 5 without breakin’ a sweat. I’m especially glad to be able to hear all the words easily. She writes such sassy, ballsy lyrics I’ve been regularly irritated when many a final mix had the geetars and such squashin’ all over the word-play. It is very well produced with a teasing and sly arrangement that becomes more tasty with repeated listens.