Blue Ain’t Your Color – Keith Urban (Capitol)

Good gawd, this is a brilliant record. A classic it will be. Everything about this one is perfect. Fabulous on so many levels. Essentially, it’s a pick-up song. A guy talking up a gal in a bar. But it transcends the genre. The arrangement pays homage with it’s hints of influence. When was the last time we had one with a blues groove in the Country mix? That guitar riff at the bridge, is it soft Clapton or other guy who’s name we can’t remember? BB King-ish? Mature ears will get a wiff of warm familiarity as it vibrates. And the writing! My lord this is fine. Sensual, hopeful, respectful. The song is about more than a physical charge, he seems to be after more than a late night quickie. He doesn’t even hint at it. What he’s talking about is Salvation, he wants an an opportunity to give new hope to one broken heart. But his lines are sophisticated and are delivered with such smoothness, what woman wouldn’t be beguiled? I haven’t gotten the ol’ goosebumps from a record in so song I don’t remember when.