Breaking The Myth-Waylon Trubute (Big Machine)

A new Waylon tribute album is out. Looks like it’s the first of a planned three volume set, if I got the number right. One single was released last fall, Alabama doing “Are You Sure Hank…” that didn’t seem like all that special to me or much of anybody else. But the full CD arrived last week and is most enjoyable. Two cuts stand out to me. Good Hearted Woman a duet by the wonderful Sunny Sweeney and Waylon’s wife Jessi Colter. Hearing that Waylon & Willie classic delivered by a couple of female voices is a real treat. Then there’s You Asked Me To with Trace Adkins doing what he sounds best at, a soulful ballad. He’s slowed it down a notch or two from the original mid-tempo, thumpin bass arrangement Hoss gave us back in the day and it works like a Swiss watch.