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Bullet in the Gun-Toby Keith (Show Dog)

October 1st, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

One of the monster classic “Texas Country” songs of the 90’s is “The Road Goes On Forever”. Written by Robert Earl Kean in ’89, the definitive version is Joe Ely’s, released in ’93. Try as I would, I couldn’t get my major clients at the time to play it. “Too dark.” “Too long.” “Where’s the hook?” (ah…the SONG is the hook on this one, pal.” I don’t know who played it on the radio back then, Album Rock stations, I guess. The song developed it’s own social network before there was a name for such a thing. A couple years ago, one murderer screamed out the money-line from the song as they injected the death-juice into his veins over in Huntsville. (not that that’s the kind of endorsement anyone wants to know about, now). And today, near 20 years after it’s release, if a Texas, Oklahoma or New Mexico barkeep don’t have it on his jukebox, the machine’s liable to get shot. Toby’s new one is cut from that cloth. In both, the catalyst is a woman on the edge, who’ll pull the trigger if she has to. The hero’s a loner who won’t back down, caught up in the stream of the moment. And a crime that ends badly. Both songs are mini-movies. I don’t know if Toby’s will still be on jukeboxes 20 years hence, assuming we still have those things then. But I do expect this to easily grab all the radio airplay that Joe Ely should’ve gotten. And then some.

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