Come On Back Home-Philip Claypool (Richie)

Ok, now if Country is the new Rock n’ Roll, then we’re going be having stuff like this in the mix, same as 70’s Top 40 has a Jackson Browne song next to a Bad Company. Because History echoes, you see. This here is the sound of a troubadour in the pure sense. Not a lot of instrumental fireworks; a little bit of twang in the background there, embraced by a urging thump. Clean and simple. And best of all, we’re presented with a masculine, confident Country voice. If Clooney ever plays a Country singer again, this is how he should sound. Claypool’s no spring chicken. He had a chart record with “Feel Like Makin’ Love” (yes, the Bad Company song) in ’95 and another, barely, in ’96. He’s a grow’d up man givin’ advice to a wayward woman and he makes a good case.