COMMENT: Dime Store Cowgirl – Kacey Musgraves (Mercury)

well, i saw Family is Family poppin’ up on the airplay charts and decided to add it, figuring it was probably the next radio single. and ’cause it’s so damned cute. i’ve heard it in the mix a few times since then, last month or so, and really…that’s a better radio single than this one. this is one’a them inside-baseball kinda records. it’s not about any kind of relationship or anything most folks can identify with. none of them know who the hell Gram Parsons is. folks don’t like people talkin’ above their heads, now. i love this girl’s talent. i’d consider leavin’ the wife to let her break my heart into pieces and write a song about so doing. this here song, howsomeever, ain’t no radio hit single.