Country Boy-Aaron Lewis (Stroudavarious)

I’m hearing from the deep South and the Midwest about the strong requests this is getting. It’s all coming from video play and word-of-mouth. In release about ten weeks now, on the national airplay charts it’s a no-show. But here’s something interesting. The Big Champagne chart tracks downloads. This is ranked #6 there. That’s the national number. I switch to Houston, Dallas, LA, Philly, NYC, Frisco and Chicago and it doesn’t show in the Top 30 on any of those market breakouts. The Detroit list has it at #15 and, get this, in D.C. It is ranked #4 today. Odd, eh? The label released an edit, cutting the word “weed”. Play the original. The cut is ham-handed and obvious and totally unnecessary. Thinking there is some problem with the phrase is just beyond silly. Now, myself, I could do without Charlie Daniels’ little soliloquy at the end, but that’s something a lot of folks’ll really get off on, so I’ll just leave it alone.