The New Country Tradition

Country has been my specialty since the 80’s. My formatting philosophy and techniques have produced success stories in markets across this nation. At this point in time, with advertising marketing forces in chaotic evolution and with new and unprecedented competition from exotic listening platforms, a successful broadcast station must have a hit-filled, but still unique music mix that is consistently entertaining. In short, the orchestra needs a conductor. That’s what I do. I manage and direct the station’s most critical element.

The New Country Tradition is a music library, content, formatting and scheduling service for broadast commercial radio.

Working with the management services of The Talent Farm, I personally select the music, maintain the library and schedule a new playlist every day of the year. The daily schedule is delivered directly into the playout/automation system of subscribing stations where it is then merged into the automation/playout system.

You can hear the music flow on a private stream. Send a request to me at this address:, or Phone: 512.392.2415