Country Thang-Colt Ford (Average Joe)

Well, if you got a vision, however squirrely tilted it may be, and if you keep at it and keep pushing, you either go nuts or you finally get a hit. Colt wants to rap. Fine for him, but there’s one big problem with that. The Country core hates rap. Oh, sure, the young side of the demo is ok with it, but so what? It ain’t been 1993 for a long time now. Not enough of ’em for radio to grow a crop in that field. No nevermind, Colt’s kept on plowing the field and danged if he don’t have some green shoots coming out of the ground this time. He’s toned back the rap-ishness just a tad here, though one could argue that point. It’s still an aggressive record, but is so overtly redneck, farm hand, small town and backwoods, it’s got more rustic charm going for it than anything the boy’s done before.