Country = The 80s & 90s Retread

As we moved into the 80s, we got some really smooth sounds on the radio. Grooves from Michael and the influence. Disco but not exactly. I’ve been listening to the new Jake Owen radio single “If He Ain’t Gonna Love You” and I’m thinking of Hall & Oates. And comes Thomas Rhett with “Star of the Show” as pure a Pop record as boy bands of the 90s ever made. A young Justin Timberlake would’ve killed on this song. As does Thomas Rhett. I love little love ditties like; always have. If you can hum it and it makes you feel good, well that’s probably a hit song.

Add these to the cool new Miranda single and Brandy’s writing crowd and Jon Pardi’s new work and “Blue Ain’t Your Color” and I’m beginning to get interested again. Bro-country (with a small c) is finished. Every one of the ilk I hear now sounds like crap; like bar band song-writing. Praise be it’s run its course. Was beginning to get embarrassing.