Cryin’ on a Suitcase-Casey James (19/BNA)

Released almost nine months ago and, on first listen, I figured it was going to be a pretty quick add for a lot of stations. Then it wasn’t. There was a lot of good new stuff coming out and week after week I kept listening, holding back, giving another one the next slot on the playlist. Then it charted and started it’s creep up the airplay charts. Lordy, it is so strange. The entertainment world is operating at light-speed, a chubby Korean guy can get billion YouTube views in less than five months and is now on his way to being forgotten, yet the Country charts, and the airplay they reflect, are slower now than two decades ago. We gotta find a new compass. I hold the system in disdain but, like us all, am much influenced by those numbers. It kept me from adding this earlier and as I now do it, I’m thinking how I wish I’d done it three months ago. I like people to hear the good ones on my station first.