Damn Country Music – Tim McGraw (Big Machine)

i’m still around folks. not lazy, just kinda been bored with what all’s been coming at me from nashville of late and later. waiting on the next big thing, the next wave. you know. something to excite the ear and soul and the root chakra. especially that one. plus, my software business is consuming most of my time now. the nest egg, chill’un, gotta give it some attention. strange times a’comin’ and you never know do you. now:
Tim McGraw’s new album hit my desk last week. tracked it first time with half an ear. nothing grabbed the nads listening that way. that happens rarely but i’m always searching for the next one that does that to me. so now i’ve tracked it with full attention and what i like are Hear Tonight, a song with a quick rolling beat, something of a fast march pace. it opens with a scottish/irish flute that then weaves its way throughout the song. interesting ending it has. out of nowhere, a woman’s soft laugh. How I’ll Always Be feels to me like a pretty solid Country record. it’s an ode to the simple life. these are the words of a man who now knows who he is and is pretty well satisfied with it. California is real radio friendly. the full phrase, the hook being sung is: she’s in love with california and breakin’ my heart.