Dirt Road-Kip Moore (MCA)

Wow! I’m impressed. I saw that title and thought, oh crap, here’s another one’a those ain’t I proud I’m a redneck from the backwoods songs. But noooo, this is something wholly different. Lead in is the preacher talkin’ about getting’ to heaven and Kip comin’ back with what his idea of heaven is. The dirt road leading to the fishin’ hole, his baby, the moonlight. That’s heaven here on earth. Simple song that says a lot without a whole bunch’a words. The arrangement on this record is just great, all kinds of interesting ideas and instrumental treats, the backing chorus, every supporting element is masterfully subtle and supporting of Kip’s voice and the message of the song, none overpowering or distracting from what he’s got to say. I like it more every time I play it.