Drink To That All Night-Jerrod Niemann

Yes, I’m real late to the party here. The song just hit the airplay Top 10, is selling well and has a solid Slacker EQ score. My problem with it has been two-fold. First, I’m beyond burnt on all these drinkin’ songs. Yes, yes imbibing has always been one of the core themes of our format, but lordy, every other freakin’ song is getting to be just too much. When will we get some respite? Second, except for the cool intro, there ain’t diddle for a lyric here. i can drink…i can drink…i can drink….i can drink. Puh-leeze. Don’ get me wrong. I like Niemann, he’s a talent. That first album was killer. Fingers crossed hoping there’s a lot more better stuff comin’ down the road from him than this half-written piece of puffery. Final thought, if he’d chopped about sixty seconds off it, I doubt I’d be getting bored and irritated by the time it faded.