El Cerrito Place-Kenny Chesney (Columbia)

Movin’ over from the Album/Edge list where I added it last time update to the regular playlist here. I got corrected; wasn’t Charlie Robison who wrote it, but master tunesmith Keith Gattis. The song’s about looking for some girl in California that ran out on him, she now rollin’ with the beautiful people, him bein’ sad and broke. I always liked Charlie’s and I like Kenny’s. Without listening to them side-by-side, I remember no differences between the two. But both of ’em are too long to be radio singles, really. Kenny’s dropped a minute off it in the edit, but it’s still five minutes. Unless you’re in the right mood, that’s a lot to ask folks to sit through if’n they don’t like it all that much. And early on, in the unfamiliar stage that means a lot of listeners might be gettin’ antsy with it about the three minute mark. I was comfortable playin it four or five times a week as an album cut; playing it four or five times a day, well, I dunno about the wisdom of this. We’ll see. The album is great and selling strong. The guy’s great and puttin’ fannies in the seats on tour. But I shore do wish one’a them two other good’uns on the CD had been chosen for this go round.