For You-Keith Urban (Capitol)

It’s from the soundtack of “Act of Valor”, the war movie that had real-life Seals playing the parts. It was in and out of theaters pretty quick. The record starts off rather dramatically with him describing a fire-fight that’s nearly killed him. Then he’s thinking maybe he’s made a serious mistake getting into this line of work. But pretty soon I’m wondering just who would want to hear this a whole bunch? I mean the thought of actually getting killed is a very uncomfortable one for soliders and especially so for military wives. Now for those who aren’t in the service and have no family members who are, well for them it’s all just the movies unfortunately. Like the Doonesbury strip last Sunday. Mel the soldier calls home to her brother who asks where she is. “Afghanistan” she replies. He says, “Oh? We’re still there?” Well, we’ve got a dramatic record here but it’s subject matter is something nobody wants to think about. Not an enjoyable picture. And besides, by the end the guitar is just screaming and annoying.