Get Me Some Of That-Thomas Rhett (Valory)

The record is quite well done. Interesting arrangement, some nice little sonic ear-kisses weaving through it. But it is totally insulting to women. The title says exactly what it means. He’s a lecher. Doesn’t see a woman, sees a body with a vagina. He gives scant indication he’s interested in any potential relationship, is just after the quick, anonymous screw. And he doubles down when he calls his prey a whore with the line about her “money maker”. Yes, Bro-Country is the strongest selling element in our format at the moment, but this one is a stride too far. Many men are like this, sure; no secret, no surprise. But in civilized society, we keep this kind of talk segregated to our male-only gatherings. In mixed company, it is offensive. If this record comes on the radio when a guy is in the car with his wife or with a date, he should well be uncomfortable. And if he so stupid as to smile and drum his fingers on the wheel as it plays, I can tell you now what he will NOT be getting that evening. It’s just rude.