Girl In A Country Song-Maddie & Tae (BMLG/Dot)

It’s a concept single if there ever wuz wun. Some song writers are sittin’ around over drinks n’ weed, see. And somebody mentions this article they saw, like in the Times or the Atlantic or somewheres, and this article is about bro-Country and how all the girls in those songs are just accoutrements of truck seats and dessert to go with the meal of heavy drinkin’. Like, misogyny and objectifyin’ and stuff. Somebody giggles (that’d be the weed smoker) and says: Let’s write us a song about that and get a couple’a hot chicks to sing it. Missing the irony of those last few words. They couldn’t decide on getting’ a couple of blondes to sing it or if it should be a blonde and a dark-haired lass. So they compromised and got one that was in-between color. Kinda light, kinda dark. But pretty, of course. Gorgeous, in fact. Both of ‘em. They’ve got names of the type that we usually only see printed side by side in a list of cheerleaders at one’a them SEC schools. The young women met each other for the first time when they walked into the studio to record this piece of work. Read that somewhere. Seems about right