God Gave Me You-Blake Shelton (Warner Brothers)

I tracked his album yesterday and it’s a strong one. Very entertaining, start to finish. This second single may well turn in a #1 performance, but my ears are much more pleased by three other cuts; four if I count the one I figure’ll never be radio single. This song’s got a very fine title, those four words sound wonderful when spoken. Singing them, however, is another matter. The sequence is just not melodic. It’s got to do with the word: you. Certainly it is used in danged near 90% of the love songs ever written, but when it is held for more than just a couple of beats, well, it’s not easy for the voice to hold the note. When it is a short note “you” is not a problem. When sung “yoooouuuuuu”, it gets hard and ofttimes uncomfortable. Blake pulls it off, yes. But the song does not invite us to sing along with it, because we all know when we sing that word and try to hold that word/note, we sound like crap. Thus, our enjoyment of it will be less than fully satisfactory. I realize I’m getting a bit pedantic here, so I’ll stop now. He’s big, he’s hot, the album will debut #1 on the sales charts next week, he’s coming off a really fun #1 chart single and this’ll be Top 5 easy. And I’m very satisfied that he’s just delivered one of the all around best Country albums of the year.