Hard Time Movin’ On-David Bradley w/Rodney Crowell (Jerry Duncan/Gecko)

I don’t know yet if it was Bradley who wrote this or Rodney all by his lonesome, but his marks are all over the record. While he’s not been charting Country as he would in a sensible world, Crowell’s made some truly excellent records in recent years. His “Sex and Gasoline” album is still sitting on my faves stack over there in by the big CD machine now 27 months after it first hit my desk. The gentle but insistent chugging beat on which this is built has Rod’s DNA all over it. The song comes from a guy making a late night call to his Ex, needing to talk, yearning for her, knowing in his mind it is truly over, begging her to be cruel and shut him down hard so his heart might finally accept the truth. The writing here is exceptionally intelligent and poetic. There are enough colorful phrases in here for five songs. I’ve been blistered by the never ending sunshine of your smile. How’s THAT for a line?! It came into my in-box yesterday. I’ve heard it a dozen times now. It is quite brilliant.