HelluvaLife-Frankie Ballard (Warner Brothers)

Now, I still always have a bit of a queasy feeling when preparing to add a song with cussin’ in it. And when the word’s in the title, well that does give me pause. Understand, it’s only been the past decade or so since I stopped having the occasional unsettling dream wherein I’d accidentally left the microphone switch on and said “shit” or “sum’bitch” and I’d wake up with a start and then say a silent thanks that I hadn’t wet the bed because of it. We are all prisoners of our early indoctrinations, understand. Otherwise, this would’a been an out of the box add recommendation. Had it been titled “Heckuvalife”, I certainly would have. Yeah, that title would’a been, maybe, a little wimpy for the present day, I know. There’s a network commercial now running for some big pickup (Toyota, I think it might be) where the voice over says “Hell yeah!” Is that a first? A four letter word in a national add buy? Well, anywho, this here’s a hit record. Giant point leap (21) on Slacker, meaning Country fans are eatin’ it up and sharing it with their friends.