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Hotel Key – Old Dominion

March 29th, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments

This is the new radio single and now with five chart-toppers in a row behind them they figure and I guess they can get by with this one, too. But it’s about as Country as The Pina Colada Song. The world we live in, eh? I like it a little bit personally. It’s of note that this may be the first Country chart hit that opens with a line about we were smoking a little from the half ounce. When weed references become commonplace in Country songs, the legalization debate is closed. Well, the song is about meeting a woman in Mexico (probably), getting high together, getting drunk and getting laid. A one-nighter and she kept the hotel key as a souvenir. Cute. Sounds like a damned dangerous vacation to me. These players ain’t in the demo. I’m hesitant to recommend it for airplay at my stations.

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