How Could I Want More-Jamie Lynn Spears (Sweet Jamie)

The fact that she is Britney’s little sister could make for too big a hurdle to clear in order to get serious consideration from the handful of guys who control the majority of monitored stations and, thus, the charts. Their minds will be further clouded by the fact that she’s been a star in a Nickleodeon series. And that she got a lot of publicity six years ago when she became tabloid fodder when she became pregnant at 16. (OK magazine paid a million bucks for the first photos of her baby.) But we should get past that and judge it on the quality of the record. It is a solid Country song in both content and presentation, very pleasing to the ears. Moreover, I think her recent life-story could give the record some extra ‘cultural’ juice given the fact that she’s taken five years off her young career to mother her daughter. That is most commendable. And let’s not forget how strong our format is now rating in younger demos. Plenty of young women who loved watching her on TV when they were in junior high are now in their early 20’s and have babies, too. Those girls know what happened to her and will respect the mature and admirable choices she’s made since then. Not only is this a fine record, with a bit of luck it could become a positive “image” record for her and the format.