I Like Girls That Drink Beer-Toby Keith (Show Dog)

Ok, the song is fun and all that. But two things bother me here. First…Two Beer Songs In A Row?! No, wait, it’s three!. Red Solo Cup was about beer, just didn’t have the word in the title. What’s with this? Sure, beer’s never goin’ out of style but it strikes me as kinda lazy for a superstar to do this. What really disappoints me is my second point: Clancy’s Tavern. Why is this not going to be a radio single? Title track from a fine album. A Country reprise of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”. Haven’t heard that one is a while? The #1 Billy Joel song on iTunes? Do the Spotify then. First listen to Clancy’s Tavern and be drawn into it’s warm, nostalgic atmosphere. Then listen to Piano Man and hear the close blood relationship. And really, much as I love Joel’s signature song, Clancy’s Tavern is better because it’s about family. All the characters in Piano Man are sad, frustrated losers. The folks in Clancy’s Tavern are solid working class folks, coming into the neighborhood tavern just to be together at the end of the work day. It’s in my Edge list, have heard it a bunch and it gives me a warm feeling of community every time. And it’s biographical, on top of that. It’s about Toby’s grandmother and her tavern in Ft. Smith Arkansas. That song shudda’ been a single. Wudda’ been good for the Country radio brand.