I Love You This Big-Scotty McCreery (19 Entertainment)

The Idol winner’s first single. How many of these game-show winners have actually gone on to have even a modicum success in the music biz? I’ve ceased even trying to keep up with those shows. So let’s go to the google. Kelly Clarkson’s done ok with a bit of Country success, but she’s a Pop act. Carrie certainly became a Name. Miranda came in third (THIRD) on the first season of Nashville Star. The winner that year was Buddy Jewel, who managed to get two Top 5 singles in the next year. Last week he was rained out as the ‘headliner’ at the Blossom Festival in Magnolia Arkansas. (I was there and sorely disappointed, lemme tell ya’.) So we got us two true Country stars off those shows after all these many years. Young Scotty here was the winner in an off year for Idol’s ratings. Those who saw him liked him a lot, so I read. And they like him primarily because he’s clean and he sings “real Country”. The record’s good enough for a shot, aided by him being in the personality press at this moment.