It Goes Something Like-Celeste Moyers (Pixilicious)

So, I listened to it the first time and thought, oh jeeze, another 15 year-old Taylor clone is upon us. Later I saw the foto and she’s actually a grow’d up woman, probably 10 years older than Taylor. Just the voice is little-girly. Oh, and the lyric, too. “thinkin’ ’bout kissin’, but we’re too shy” and goin’ down to the lake and “just throwin’ rocks.” This woman does not look like she’s too shy to kiss. And if any guy took her to the lake for rock-throwin’, well, I doubt he’d get her out for a second date. Women don’t do rock tossin’. Ok, snarking aside, it is a very attractive Pop song. It’s entertaining. I like it. But it belongs on stations playing “Love Fool” and Justin Bieber. There’s where the audience is for this record.