It’d Sure Be Cool If You Did-Blake Shelton (Warner Nashville)

He’s the highest profile guy in the business now. Everybody knows his face. Television loves him. He’s amusing, funny and if we asked a hundred Country fans which singer they’d most want to hang out with, no telling who’d come out in second place but there’s no guessing who’d come out first. And on top of it, he’s part of a power couple standing next to a woman who’s hot and as interesting as he is. This record is top drawer, 21st century Nashville product. I hate to use that word “product” when talking about music but there is a brand, a product line, a definitive kind of sound to the genre and this record stands as a definition of what it is today. The song is about instant sexual attraction, but he’s being a gentleman about it, not forcing anything. Rhyming “neon” with “a high I wanna be on” is brilliant songwriting. The arrangement and instrumentation are as smooth, as professional as it comes, setting a perfect stage for Blake. This record is gonna have some very long legs.