Jesus and Jones – Trace Adkins (BBR Music Group)

He still sounds great but the sales went south for him and Capitol/EMI and he’s over at BBR now; one of the best of the smaller labels. With a title like this, I usually get ready to hold my nose before pushing the play-button. So rarely do they get it right when The Big Guy is announced in the title as being part of the song. But sometimes it works. Works here. The song’s basically the well trod path of confession where the singer/songwriter is talking about struggling with the bottle on one hand and bein’ sober on the other, between hard partying with the boys and more sensible domesticity. The song is uptempo and (fortunately) ain’t whiny like so many of this ilk are. There’s some ear ticklers in the arrangement and production making it an interesting listen. I don’t yet think we are looking at a Top 10 record here, but it’s worth some spins to find out what the folks thing of it.

Another thought about Trace and his former label. There are some excellent Country songs on those albums that never saw radio single-dom. If anybody’s particularly dissatisfied with the line-up of pretty-boys singing wannabe ‘country’ (with a small c) and is looking for some real life tunes, I got a half dozen or so in my list of good’uns from him.