Keep On Fallin’-Eric Paslay (EMI)

Album Cut recommended for airplay:

Few weeks back, I saw a biz-blurb about one of the big time Classic Rock consultants telling his clients “Country is out to steal your audience. All of them.” Songs like this are a rifle-shot at that target. If this had been mixed differently, I wouldn’t feel quite so strongly about it. But here’s what makes it OK-Country: You can hear all the words. Nothing’s buried. Compare this with, say, anything by the Stones. Does anybody understand even half of what Mick’s singing? No. And that’s the way it should be with Rock. With Country? noooo. We are at a most interesting time now, the ground has shifted. A decade ago, no way this could’a been accepted on a mainstream Country station. Two decades back, playin’ a rock record like this could’a gotten the studio fire-bombed. Today, records like this are giving the format it’s best demographic listener mix in, like, forever.