Like A Cowboy-Randy Houser (Stoney Creek)

Sure reminds me of Ronnie Dunn when he kicks off with this one. Hadn’t noticed his voice being so similar before. Maybe it’s the enunciation. Any experienced listener’s ear will know it’s not Ronnie, but Randy sure sounds like his brother, to me. And that’s a good thing. The familiar feeling it generates is warm and welcoming. ‘Specially since this is a fine ballad…and a MALE ballad, at that. Ben Rue’s is a chick song. Yes, a lot of guy’s’ll like it, cause we’re romantic, too. But it’s the kind to make a girl swoon. Randy here, well, this is one of those rare All Guy Ballads. It’s earthy and strong. It’s a grown man singing. He’s been around the block more than once. He’s got some scars. And he’s got some soul. A welcome addition to the Currents mix.