Like My Dog-Billy Currington (Mercury)

I have loved this song since the first spin. Put it into the mix on my webstation when the album was released last year and ever since then when it’s come down the stream I’ve stopped what I was doing and turned it up. If men don’t love this record, they’re either not married or they’re not men. Now I do not expect women will like it anywhere near as much. For them that get the joke, it’ll be a mild chuckle and not a belly laugh as it is for us. And some of them won’t find it funny at all, especially the ones who are married to a true slob (and who can blame them). So the gender split will most likely lead to a shorter than normal shelf life for it as a single. But for the men in our audience, if we were in the room with ‘em the first time we played it, they’d be slappin’ us on the back, givin’ us the high-fives and the fist bumps and buyin’ us beers ‘cause they’ll know fer certain we’re members of the brotherhood.