Little Red Wagon-Miranda Lambert (RCA)

I can’t understate how much I love the album but, that said, this is my least favorite song on it. Comin’ off “Something Bad”, it seems to me a change of pace would’ve been good. Two ‘bitchy’ songs in a row? Why? When we have the masterpiece of “Smokin’ and Drinkin'” and the marvelous “Another Sunday in the South”? and the People-magazine-perfect song of love to her husband “Holding On To You”, all three just sitting there, waiting to be Number Ones? The whole world loves her for being brassy and sassy and ballsy and all them adjectives. I just don’t see why the need to over-do it with a smart-ass radio single like this. Ok. What the queen wants, she gets. So, I’ll recommend the add. But I gotta keep “Smokin’ and Drinkin'” in recommended Current rotation, too to balance it out. And to have her very best new work on the air for our own good.