Lookin’ For That Girl-Tim McGraw (Big Machine)

Added out of the box here primarily because of his superstar status. Must admit I have some hesitancy and not because of the use of the auto-tune. Artists are driven to explore new territory and we do live in the age of techno-cool so it has been only a matter of time before the restrictions of “tradition” fall away. The Opry wouldn’t allow drums on stage at one time. And wouldn’t allow electric guitars until, one day, they did. The only thing that I’m sadly resigned to is the coming sludge that will assault my ears as all the wannabe’s will be stimulated by the success of records using the device and figure their path to fame will be to turn it up to 11. The other thing that bothers me about this one is that while it comes in at a nice 3:15, it still seems like it’s over four minutes. Repetetive! It’s a good record that would’a probably been a great one had it come under the wire at 2:15.